Steelcraft Weather-Tite Doors are specifically designed for locations requiring a contolled environment. To minimize the infiltration of wind, water and dust, our standard design incorporates the use of guide seals, internal hood baffle, and neoprene astragal in the bottom bar.

WEATHERSTRIPPING: Various provisions are available to secure higher resistance against air infiltration and more effective weatherseal. These may be used individually or in combination.
INTERNAL HOOD BAFFLE: Gives you a hinged neoprene sheet that rests on the curtain coil to prevent air passage between hood and curtain.

The above photo shows a combination weather tite door and rolling grille. These units are designed to allow the service door
to be opened during plant operation and at the same time the rolling grille provides security while maintaining ventilation.

EXTERNAL HEADER BAFFLE:This is a galvanized sheet metal closure piece with a neoprene strip fastened along the edge that seals the gap between curtain and lintel.
BOTTOM BAR SEAL: Tough curtain rigidity is added to the bottom bar with two steel angles and neoprene rubber astragal.
BRACKETS: Are crafted of minimum 1/4" thick steel plate - to contain the counterbalance assembly and rolled curtain.  Corners are cut top and bottom to give even greater rigidity to the hood.
GEAR ASSEMBLY FOR HAND CHAIN HOIST DOORS: Ease of operation is assured with high quality gray iron cast gears from machine cut patterns.
GUIDES AND MOUNTING ANGLES: Minimum  3/16" structural steel angles match the engineering requirements of the door.
HOOD: Is formed of hot dipped galvanized sheet metal (treated for paint adhesion) not lighter than 24 gauge and formed to fit end brackets.
LOCKING DEVICES: Includes slide bolts, or pin locks, through guides and curtain...chain locks for chain operated doors...and self locks on motor operated doors.
FINISH: All non-galvanized surfaces (except fraying surfaces) are coated with our rust inhibiting metal primer.  Precoated finish in gray or brown is available on curtain only. Powder coating finishes are also available in many colors & finishes.
PASS DOOR: Easy access without raising the rolling door!  The pass door is a flush panel metal door hinged to a tubular steel frame and is provided with a mortised cylinder lock and knob.  The tubular frame is hinged to the side guide of the rolling door so it can swing clear of the opening when the rolling door is raised.


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