The chain closure shall be Model 2000 as manufactured by Roll-o-matic, Inc., 1150 Elmwood, Kansas City, Missouri 64127. The chain closures shall be mounted (under, inside or outside) lintel, with stacking (in,  beyond) the opening as indicated.
Work Excluded. Unless otherwise specified: preparation of openings to receive chain closure including wood or steel supports...access panels...other structural or trim work.
Shop Drawings. All chain closures are fabricated as shown on the shop drawings submitted to and approved by the architect before fabrication, if required.
The overhead track is an extended aluminum beam, 2" wide and 2-5/8" high (track mounting brackets included if the closure is to be face mounted). Curved tracks where indicated have a radius of (9" minimum radius).

Chain Carriers. The chain closure are suspended from 1-1/8" aluminum alloy chain carriers with nylon rollers.
Closure. The closure design is constructed of No.9 (.148 inch diameter) chain with mesh pattern of 4-5/8"x4-5/8". Chain has zinc electroplated finish (unless a color finish is specified).
Vertical Channels. A horizontal chain is connected to 2-1/2"x1"x3/16" aluminum vertical channels extending from the overhead track to 3/4 inch above the finished floor. All channels are fitted with mortise type lock and all channels have snap caps. Where stacking pockets are used, the trailing end of the closure is provided with a floating end channel. On openings over 8 feet wide, one intermediate channel is always provided for every 6-8 feet of opening.
Locking. The vertical channels include a mortise type lock cylinder 4-5/8" above the l shape handle. 1/2 inch concealed steel drop bolts are operable from the (inside or outside).

The closing channel also locks into a female block at the jamb 40 inches above the floor. (Ensure that adequate backing material is available). The mortise type lock is re-keyable to any master key system.
Bi-Parting Channels. The Bi-Parting closures has two 2-1/2"x1"x3/16" closing channels which lock together 40 inches above the floor, lock to closing channel stops on the overhead track, and lock into the floor with a drop bolt.
Floor Sockets. Spring loaded, dust proof floor sockets and plates for drop bolts are available as an option.
Color. All visible parts on closures up to 15' high can be coated in one of eleven basic colors: Metallic Bronze, Coppervein, Silvervein, Black, Brown, Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Tan, and Green. Or ask about a protective transparent coating.

An epoxy coating is used for interior applications and polyester for exteriors. Many custom colors are available, too! Tell us your color requirements, and we'll provide you with a coated sample chain for your approval (subject to cost and availability). Special Note: A protective polyester coating is recommended for exterior applications exposed to water, salt or corrosive elements.
Emergency Exit. An emergency exit system can be designed into the closure if you wish or if required by municipal codes. (Please contact the factory).
Security Curtain. For even greater security, vinyl mesh and solid vinyl security curtains are available.


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