Steelcraft Folding Gate Corp. can furnish you with a Rolling Grille based on your security, operation, and budget requirements!

OPERATION: Choose Manual, Hand Chain Hoist or Motor Operated.  Composed of 5/16" galvanized rods and 3/4" x 1/8" aluminum (6063) vertical links in an alternating rectangular pattern.  Horizontal rods are overlaid with 3/8"ODx .022 aluminum (6063) tubes. Horizontal rods are 2-1/4" on center, vertical links 4-1/2" on center
Composed of 5/16" galvanized rods and 3/4"x1/8" aluminum (6063) vertical links in a continuous rectangular pattern. Horizontal rods are overlaid with 3/8"ODx.022 aluminum (6063) tubes. Horizontal rods are 2-1/4" on center, vertical links 9" on center.
PREFORATED STEEL CURTAINS: Preforated curtains in lieu of grille curtains are available in a number of slat designs. The perforations are available from 3/32" to 3/8" diameter when selecting the miniperf.  The megaperf includes a 5-1/2"x7/8" hole and can be spaced to control vision as desired.  Also available with lexan inserts to provide total security with vision through the curtain.
COUNTER BASE ASSEMBLY: A custom engineered torsion spring assembly - permanently lubricated and enclosed in a structural steel pipe of sufficient size to keep deflection no more than .03" per foot of door width!  When clearance conditions allow, the spring tension adjusting wheel is accessible outside the bracket plate.
BRACKETS: Are crafted of minimum 1/4" thick steel plate - to contain the counterbalance assembly and rolled curtain.  Corners are cut top and bottom to give even greater rigidity to the hood.

GEAR ASSEMBLY FOR HAND CHAIN HOIST DOORS: Ease of operation is assured with high quality gray iron cast gears from machine cut patterns.
GUIDES AND MOUNTING ANGLES: Minimum 3/16" structural steel angles match the engineering requirements of the door.
HOOD: Is formed of hot dipped galvanized sheet metal (treated for paint adhesion) not lighter than 24 gauge and formed to fit end brackets.
LOCKING DEVICES: Includes slide bolts, or pin locks through guides and curtain...chain locks for chain operated doors...and self locks on motor operated doors.
FINISH: All non-galvanized surfaces (except fraying surfaces) are coated with our rust inhibiting metal primer.



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