Is constructed of extruded aluminum. "Alloy 6063" flat faced Midget Stats. Width of slats 1-15/16".  Depth of crown 3/8".  The tubular bottom bar is provided with double vinyl astragal.
BARREL: The curtain is coiled around a steel tubing at least 4" in diameter.  The counter balancing unit is fully enclosed and rotates on grease sealed bal bearings.
COUNTER BALANCE: Consists of oil tempered torsion springs.
OPERATIONS: Doors up to 12'0" wide are push-up operated with finger lifts mounted on the bottom bar.  Doors over 12'0" wide are operated by a hand crank with a removable operating arm. This eliminates the need for a crank box at counter elevation or (Motor operated.)
GUIDES: Are fabricated from aluminum extruded shapes. "Alloy 6063" and fitted with wool pile stripping.
LOCKING DEVICE: The curtain's bottom bar includes a concealed sliding bolt deadlock operated by a thumb knob.  Or (cylinder lock) - operable from either or both sides of opening - is also available.   Call for details or specify requirements.
HOOD: An aluminum hood of .040" minimum thickness is furnished to encase curtain roll when necessary.
FINISH: The curtain, bottom bar, guides and hood are all given a 204-R1 anodized finish.

 All other parts are given a shop coat of aluminum paint. (Color anodized finish also available.)
GENERAL: All doors are constructed in accordance with Underwriter's Laboratories specifications and shall bear a Class________label.  (Note: Select U.I. Class Label required.)

Is formed of 20 gauge Galvanized Steel or 22 gauge Stainless Steel flat-faced Midget Slats. Slat width: 1-1/4". Depth of crown 1/2". Tubular bottom bar includes a double vinyl astragal.
COUNTER BALANCE ASSEMBLY: Is a custom engineered permanently lubricated torsion spring assembly enclosed in a structural steel pipe of sufficient diameter and wall thickness so deflection will not exceed .03" per foot of door width.  The self closing mechanism is activated by fusible links or solenoid release.
OPERATION: Choose from Manual, Hand Chain Hoist or Electric Motor Operator.
GUIDES: Are fabricated from Stainless Steel, or Aluminum Extruded shapes fitted with wool pile strippings.
LOCKING DEVICE: The bottom bar includes a concealed sliding bolt deadlock operated by a thumb knob or (cylinder lock,) operable from either or both sides

Optional features include 1-1/2 flat slat in
Galvanized Steel. Aluminum and Stainess Steel

of opening, can be furnished. (Specify requirements
Counter Fire Shutters hoods are formed of hot dip galvanized steel (stainless steel) or pre-coated finish to fit bracket plates.



Steelcraft packaged pass windows and shutters offer a complete range of selection to suit all conditions.
Designed to be functional and decorative where closure is required. Great for school kitchens...soiled dish windows...cafeterias...ticket or service windows...tool cribs .. .newsstands... counter openings of all types...
Expertly designed for perfect operation, every one is pre-tested at the factory and swiftly installed.

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